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Loss Prevention

For many businesses, asset protection is always an issue that takes away their focus from customer service. Retail stores such as grocery stores, and liquor stores are the prime targets for thieves and vandals. Safecor has the resources to protect these assets through various specialized services in addition to personal injuries, trespassers, etc.

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Special Events:

Safecor believes every special event whether it's a VIP event or a private gathering, with proper planning and coordination we make that special event a successful event. Safecor has proven results and is an experienced private protection company to handle your next event. Recently, we have proudly provided security for Asian-Canadian Special Events Association and many more high-profile events.

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Infrastructure and Industrial

Construction and industrial sites are the prime targets for criminals due to highly valuable equipment left unguarded. Safecor has time and resources to protect and safeguard your assets through our specialized services. From Whistler to Golden, Safecor handled 100 successful projects and prevented the loss of thousands of dollars.

Commercial & Residential

Safecor provides world-class customer service to their users and serves as a front door representative for our clients. The management works very closely with the client and provides them tailored security solutions as per their needs. 

Security Solutions

Security Guards.

Parkade patrols
Alarm Response
Site lock/unlock

Digital Solutions.

Access control system 
Alarm monitoring
CCTV property monitoring

Security consulting and labour dispute.

Rapid mobile deployment
Asset and client protection
threat/risk identification 

Emergency Response Unit.

FireWatch Responders.
First aid officers OFA 1 and OFA2 
mobile unit deployment.

Mobile Patrol.

Parkade patrols
Alarm Response
Site lock/unlock

Executive personnel.

Suit and tie officers
Fire watch
Fire panel and boiler safety
Warehouse Dock